Monday, May 27, 2013

Watch Dogs Fan Contest

If you watched E3 last year you saw Ubisoft announced a cool new game that will be released this year called "Watch Dogs".  This game takes place in the great city of Chicago where you play as Aiden Pearce. As you explore the city you use your in game smart phone to hack and control different element through out the city. Here a quick video you can check out of "Watch Dogs" and check out their official Ubisoft Watch Dogs web page.

Watch Dogs will be released November 19,2013 and will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC and next gen consoles.At the moment ESRB rating is pending but I wouldn't be surprise if this game gets a M rating.

Now here is what you came here for the CONTEST. Have you ever wanted to appear in a video game well here is you chance. Between May 23 to June 7 you can log onto Watch dogs Facebook App and connect using you Facebook profile and submit your name, occupation and three novelty facts. At the end 30 randomly selected winners from various countries will be placed in the finish product of "Watch Dogs" game as one of the in game characters.

Leave a comment what do you think of this game? Are you excited for this game as I am??

Disclosure:  I was given information to share with my readers. I wasn't compensated in anyway for writing this post. The above are my true and honest thoughts of the game.
image source:Watch dogs Facebook fan page and Ubisoft youtube site

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Here my first video for my blog. I don't do any editing of my car videos, i just speak how i feel enjoy......

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hey whats going on everyone i know i been gone for sometime but i'm finally back. At the beginning of this year i started being very active on Instagram working on my toy photography. Right now on instagram i'm showing my love for Lego and have been trying to take and upload a picture everyday. This weekend i decide to wake up a little and head out to Wild Wood, New Jersey and do my lego project called Beach Fun. I had a great time while doing my mini photo shoot and sparked the interest of many walkers by ( young and old). Even had a little kid ask his mom what i was doing and she said "photographing his legos at the beach."  The child replied "I want to do that when i get older." What do you think of Project Beach fun? what would u like to see next leave me a comment and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and on Instagram. See you next Time

Here a few for you to check out......

Monday, March 26, 2012


Because of the color of my skin I have to watch what I wear, where I go, and everything else everyone takes for granted

So do my kids!